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Family Sessions


As a mom of two young children, I know how important it is to capture all of the many stages of life. I also am fully aware how fast time flies and before you know it the family photos you have up on your walls are from when your oldest was a newborn! Let’s change that!

Look, I take your time seriously! I come with a well-thought-out plan that caters to your family! We start with an in-home consult… this gives me an idea of how I can create a custom experience for your family! This also gives me a chance to help pick spaces for your memories to hang on your wall!

Next, we set a date and location for your photoshoot. In the meantime, I come up with a plan, create props and search for the BEST areas to shoot! I have an assistant who helps me with the littles (kids and fly-away hairs)! Together, we are a great team who offer a fun, exciting, boutique experience!

When your photos are fully edited I’ll give you a call and meet you back where it all started. This gives us an opportunity to choose the perfect images for your walls! Why spend thousands of dollars on painted landscapes when you can have the people you love most in this world adorning your home?

Don’t panic! I bring samples of my top-quality pieces and you get to have fun selecting what suits your personality and the character of your family! Do you prefer a slick black frame or a rustic teal one? Are you a cream linen album or a distressed leather with gold gilding? I love this part of guiding you in this fun process!

In my opinion, legacy is meant to be in print (not on a hard drive). I learned this the hard way last year when my hard drive crashed and I lost SO many special memories! Fool me once, but not again! Time to get these special moments in time printed!

If you are interested in booking with me, give me a call and let’s set up a free consult! You’ll find that Chy Creative offers everything you are envisioning for your home!

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