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Keeping It Fresh

As a photographer, sometimes it is hard to change it up. I, for example, mainly shoot outdoors… it’s my happy place. But in today’s market clients want fresh and unique. The best part is that if you market yourself correctly you can obtain the clients who are willing to pay for it!

I recently had the opportunity to work with an outstanding photographer, Noelle Wood, of Looking Glass Studio in Loveland, Colorado. Together, we came up with this concept of providing our clients with a glorified glamour shot experience. Remember when you would visit your local mall studio and they’d put way too much make-up on you with some extra cans of Aqua Net? Yeah, well, nothing like that, but the same pampering experience idea was behind our new concept.

Not only were our clients going to be treated to a 5-star pampering experience before their photoshoot, but they would also have the unique opportunity of appearing on a one-of-a-kind set!

Coming up with the idea was the easy part… we called this set Wild at Heart—and with that, came a little wild and A LOT of heart! We hand-dipped over 800 white feathers in gold paint and glitter, covered an existing chair with moss and gold-leaf foiling and then got to stringing the feathers and laying out the set.

Behind the scenes we rented designer wardrobe for each of our models (I will talk a little more about this is a later post); we also hired make-up artists and hair stylists. At this point, we were shooting our promo shoot in order to play it safe, practice working together and weigh out the cost vs. profit projections of an actual shoot. Although this was a “practice round”, we put all of our heart in to it! We both lack the “good enough” gene… with our name on it, it had to be PERFECT!

Needless to say, we had many hours and several hundred cups of joe into this new venture!

Being unique is key in the photography industry. Try to think of things that no other photographer in your area is doing! Do your research to find a good price point that works for you and your market, then find youself a niche that no one else is filling.

Our unique props alone gave this set an edge—and we made everything ourselves! Here are a few finals of my beautiful daughter, Collins, on the Wild at Heart set.

Go check out Noelle at Looking Glass Studio when you have a chance. I’d encourage you to follow her as one of the leaders when it comes to ingenuity in this crazy world of photographers!

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