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Newborn Photoshoot Checklist



First of all, congratulations on your soon-to-be-born baby! The first week of baby’s life can be packed full of emotion and a hint of chaos! I want to make your photo session as comfortable as possible, whether you come to my studio or I come to you! I will have a handful of props and some extra items to help move the session along smoothly. I am well aware that babies are FULL of the unexpected, and so that is why newborn sessions take a bit longer and I plan for up to 5 hours. I want you to feel relaxed… so here are a few things to help prepare for our session.

∆ Arrive at their sleepiest time – so keep an eye on their “new” schedule and we will figure out the best time to come (must be within great lighting times too 10am-2pm).

∆ We will be shooting in the room with the most available natural light so make sure the room is clear and clean.

∆ Have that room warmed up with a space heater and/or turn your air up so that the room temperature is nice and warm. If you are coming to my studio, I will be sure it is warm, so dress yourself accordingly.

∆ Please have some music picked out and turned on low in the room. Music adds ambient noise so baby feels nice and relaxed. If you come to my studio, I will have some lavendar DoTerra oils going and some soft music playing from the Hidden in My Heart series (my favorite!).

∆ Try to feed baby (if schedule allows) 30 minutes or so prior to the photoshoot.

∆ Baby should be only in a diaper, that way we do not have to disrupt him/her by undressing them. Feel free to cuddle with him or her in their favorite blanket in the meantime.

∆ Have all items that you are interested in using in the session out and ready for me to sort through: baskets, blankets, hats, headbands, etc.

∆ If your session will be in the comfort of your home, make sure nursery is nice and tidy, should we do photos of baby in there.

∆ If you order the BOUQUET session, make sure you are ready to be in front of the camera as well. I suggest wearing nice light neutral colors.

∆ Be prepared for explosions of all kinds. Poop, pee and spit up may go flying or spraying on anything around. Let’s have burp cloths and wipes handy, so clean up is quick and easy!

Get ready to fall in LOVE with your baby’s first expressions. However, don’t be surprised if it takes them a while to get into “baby model mode.” They aren’t used to being handled this much! (I hear a lot of, “They aren’t usually like this.” Well, they aren’t usually picked up every few minutes and posed on props (insert smile emoji). I am sure to go at baby’s pace and so they feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire session.

I look forward to meeting you all!

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