I can honestly say that my clients have become my friends. I love photographing their milestones… using the gift I’ve been given to mark moments in their lives is a true blessing.

When I first got serious about photography, I bought myself a Canon Rebel xti. I was so proud of that camera because it was my first DSLR. Up to this point, I was using random point and shoot digital cameras and my mother’s Nikon film camera that she cherished back in her photography days. With film, there is no digital manipulation in the post production, so your images remain in their raw form, which was a great way to learn back when you could easily develop film.

Although, I will forever hold on to my mother’s Nikon, I have since given my Canon Rebel xti to another aspiring photographer and purchased my second Canon 5D Mark series.

I am currently shooting with a Canon 5D Mark iii which I just LOVE! Sometimes I feel like calling all those who dared to be my first clients back in the “rebel” days to offer them a re-do session. When I look at some of the first images I cringe a lil’ bit on the technical side… in reflection, I am proud of my journey!

Anybody can buy a camera, but not anybody can be a professional photographer. It IS an art that need not be lost to the quick technology of today.

If you are interested in the investment of capturing the moments and milestones in your life, I would encourage you to contact me. I am based in Windsor, Colorado, but I will travel if your vision is a good fit!

The good news is, you can now purchase your session directly through my site now using PayPal or Stripe at checkout.

Session fees start at $155 and print packages start at $350. For my full price list click here.