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The Evolution of a Logo

A logo is the personal stamp of a business. As a graphic designer, it is my goal to make my client’s logo look unique to their brand. I want their logo to be one that provokes their target audience to be drawn to action.

I believe that over the last 5 years we have dawned on a new day in the world of graphic design. There are many sites out there that offer a wide selection of fantastic generic art available for a small fee or sometimes even a free download. Yes, this takes the personal relationship out of the work, but it has become the new norm for small businesses just wanting a quick solution to their logo hang up.

The one-on-one relationship that blossoms when working directly with my client on their project is what makes my job amazing! The logo is the beginning of the entire brand identity of the business… it should be worth the investment to any business.

Here is an inside look at a logo I created back in 2007 (just 4 years out of school at the start of my first business, Chy Design). When I first started working with Anne Hansen, an avid motorcycle rider, she had just received her NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle license. She had sent me a photo of her on her motorcycle to use as inspiration. I started to put her grainy photo into an illustration and BAM I was instantly able to personalize her logo. Further, she had sent me her autograph which I “vectorized” in Illustrator and used in conjunction with the illustration I did of her.

As the designer, I think that we each have our favorites, but it is still important to show your client a variety of logo concepts! When you do this, it opens the door for collaboration and improvement! This is why I am showing you the several logo concepts I presented as well as the final one she picked—which was the result of both of our visions!

How many logos do you typically show your clients?

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