Shooting in Red Rocks

My experience shooting sessions inside of Red Rocks has been tricky, but fun!

Be sure to check the concert schedule to ensure you will not be trying to shoot before or during a concert.

Keep in mind that shooting there on the weekends is REALLY tricky… The amphitheater turns into a gym for the masses every Saturday morning! If you dare shoot during that time, there will be lots of post-production in your future. Take note, that security also ropes off the front 20 rows and the stage during the weekends. They do not allow ANYBODY passed the ropes… believe me, we tried!

The best time to have a photoshoot at Red Rocks is Monday or Tuesday 2:30-5:30. Remember that due to the canyon, the sun goes down much quicker and you’ll want to get started earlier in the day!

Let me know if you’ve ever had a session at Red Rocks Amphitheater outside Morrison, Colorado! I would love to see the creative shots you snapped!

If you’re not a photographer, then you should go for your session with me! Hint. Hint!

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