First Year Ever

One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time.

john wanamaker

From the moment they are born, babies begin to change that is why I photograph all year long at each milestone. My First Year Ever is a baby study to ensure that each milestone is preserved. It seems like yesterday, my kids were just babies and now they are running all over Northern Colorado with school and sports. Without having captured my babies during their First Year Ever with the artwork I have on my walls, I would not have remembered it as clearly. Now, I look at those art pieces and remember every little detail: the smells, the squeaks, the cries and the snuggles.

With each milestone, you can invest in my album package so at the end of their First Year Ever, you have a 3-album series to showcase every detail. My most popular package offers a newborn, sitting and standing session for one creation fee.

Here’s how we start.

We meet when you are still pregnant so we can plan how you’d like to best celebrate their First Year Ever in a creative way. I love putting a large canvas above baby’s crib for to start out. This art piece adds such a beautiful, personalized focal point to their nursery. At the sitting session, I recommend getting an archival framed piece that will always remind you of the short time in their life when they weren’t running you around everywhere.

At the 1-year milestone, we include a cake smash session as a celebration together. For this session, I recommend a Storyteller series to showcase those first bites of pure sugar! And so no moment we capture goes forgotten, the 3-album series of baby’s First Year Ever becomes the “icing on the cake”. These heirloom keepsakes become generational artwork that tell the story of your family’s legacy.

Baby’s First Year Ever deserves to be captured in detail.