My What & Why

I grew up in a family with strong women who loved documenting life through the lens of a camera. I literally have boxes full of photographs, each one marking a special time in my history. In the days of film when the entire roll was developed with no do-overs so many of them are a blurred attempt at capturing a great moment… usually with someone’s head running off the edge.

BUT, then I found a moment my grandma captured in the reflection of her mirror that stopped my heart in it’s tracks and gave me goosebumps. In the faded image, through the glare of the reflection was my “why”. You see, without that camera, I would have never known that moment… that snapshot in history when I was carefree with curlers in my hair in the arms of my favorite person. That photo has a special place of its own in my office, reminding me everyday of why I am so passionate about saving moments through photography.

I come from a graphic design background that gives me the incredible ability to create images with great composition, popping color and exquisite attention to detail. I then put my artwork on the highest-quality products that will turn into showstopper pieces in your home. Everything is custom and that is what makes me different than any other photographer. From the time of our first consultation, through to the creation of your session and the design process and delivery of your artwork, I care about every detail of your experience.

Think of this as an investment in your home decor… why would you want a painting of a fruit bowl when you can have a beautiful art piece that stops you in your tracks reminding you of what is most important in life. WHAT I offer is a piece of my heart, a journey into the beauty I see as an artist and an adventure full of detail and reflection.