Metal Murals

My husband and I were brainstorming one evening about what an art piece would look like if it were presented much like the feed of an Instagram account. Something that could be added to each year and would grow with the family “over the years”. Hence, the Metal Mural was born and quickly became a popular choice for my clients.

The Metal Murals can be designed to include your family’s favorite quotes and sayings. Then each image is carefully selected to create an overall aesthetically pleasing art piece.

The Metal Murals have become one of my favorite art pieces to create! I find that I get to incorporate my graphic design background and really WOW my clients and their guests. Each piece is carefully planned to fit their unique space. Many clients LOVE this product for their tall, narrow walls or long, empty spaces.

This goes beyond what I was expecting! A true work of art that we can add to each year!

jenny ward