The Process

A film crew followed me for six months to deliver to you, in a nutshell, what it is that Chy Creative offers our clients.

I have a high respect for great service! Maybe this is because I grew up in small towns where everyone knew one another, their kids and cousins living abroad. Details were always of utmost importance!

I can remember as a kid going to the “beauty salon” with my grandmother…. She would walk in and the owner of the salon knew that she’d be five minutes early so she’d already be standing at the entrance waiting to take her coat with a smile on her face. Her name was Nan and she knew my grandmother very well. Why? Because she paid attention to the things my grandmother would talk about and she took note.

Details are important! I grew up understanding that successful small businesses knew to pay attention.

Working with me is not a meet and greet in a beautiful location. My process is more in-depth because by the time our photoshoot date arrives, I have taken note of the details and we’ve become friends. This is what gives me the opportunity to make your photoshoot a special experience to you! My clients love the high-level of service that I am able to provide just by understanding the importance of each detail!

In the end, you have custom artwork for your home that demonstrates the love you have for family, quality and service.