The Studio

It’s only and ever Heart work.”


It was born in my heart… this dream of having my own studio and growing up to be an artist. At an early age, creating was something that sparked my interest and gave me the perfect outlet for expressing myself.

In elementary school I was given an assignment to recreate the role of the hunter and the gatherer. And like with any project that was ever handed to me, it became my mission to up the ante and assume the role. I solicited the help of my best friend to play the role of the caregiver, who stayed in the “dwelling” with the cabbage patch doll waiting for me to get back from “the hunt”. I created a deer out of crate paper and stapled inside my hunt were three round paper steaks. While other kids in my class wrote a short essay and wore a feather pointing up from a headband, I was cutting into my paper deer with a butter knife and serving my best friend steak.

Once in awhile, blow your own mind.


Behind every successful woman are other successful women who have her back. I am so grateful that my life has included strong influencers who became pieces to the puzzle of making my dreams reality. This didn’t come without sacrifice, in fact, if it wasn’t for the tenacity of my single mother who raised me, I would not be where I am today. I grew up knowing what it was like to struggle.

My dreams were not given to me, I had to put in long, uncountable hours, many alligator tears and be dedicated to constant learning. I had to be ready for critics and harsh critiques and willing to adjust and keep moving forward. Being a small business owner is more than realizing your dream, it takes a lot of HEART work.

My amazing mentor likes to tell a story about a donkey who got stuck in a dry well. Not knowing the donkey was in the well, the farmer began shoveling dirt to fill the empty hole. With each scoop that landed on top of the donkey, the donkey would shake it off and take a step up. Eventually overcoming his own burial and walking himself out. He played a role his own rescue. And as business owners, we each have stories like this.

I want my studio to be more than just a building. I want it to tell stories. Not only the story of my own journey, but also the story of each of my clients.

I have BIG plans!

I am very optimistic about what the future holds. I believe that I am right where I should be to serve Northern Colorado with my passionate desire to create. Chy Creative is not like a fast food drive through restaurant… an experience here is more like a sit down steak dinner at a fine restaurant!