Chy Creative: Graphic Design & Photography

I realize that it is extremely risky as an entrepreneur to venture online and expose my journey, my process, my work and my person. With over 10 years of experience in graphic design and photography, I feel that I have something to offer aspiring creative entrepreneurs. Chy Creative will be my outlet to show you my process behind the final outcome of each project. We are quickly moving in to a world that communicates solely through devices and the person behind the screen is getting lost. By the way, my name is Chianne Coffman (that's me in the picture on the right)!


Which brings me to Chy Creative. This is my new venture that merges my existing graphic design company, Chy Design, and my existing photography company, Chy Photography. In addition to the merge, Chy Creative will be the place that I begin to show you my journey as a creative entrepreneur. I hope that my stories and tid-bits of advice can help other creative entrepreneurs.


Chy Creative is open to the community for comment and input. I’d love to hear your stories as well! Please be sure that if you comment to keep it classy and kind. Later in the year, I will be sourcing other entrepreneurs who would be open to contributing their stories and advice. If you would be interested in being a contributor, please contact me directly using the contact form at www.chycreative.com.

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