The Studio

In the News

For a small town girl from the central, midwest to have had the opportunity to be interviewed by Colorado’s largest news (Denver 7 News Channel) networks… it was like butterflies in my stomach, but ready to rock this sort of experience!

Prior to my own interview, I had the opportunity to be alongside a graphic design client of mine, Sassy Caddy, for her interview and so I had an idea of the set up and felt comfortable with the reporters. But to actually BE the feature brought on a whole new bucket of nerves! This was my first opportunity to “go public” with my process and so this was a big deal to me! I was so thankful to have Tkale Ribble (owner of Down Right Sweet Treats) come on to testify to her experience with Chy Creative. Tkale too, is a small business owner and I learned through building my relationship with her and her husband that we have a lot in common. We both love to see our clients thrilled with the services we provide and we both strive to present our product with the highest of class! I am so proud of this moment in my career. It was delightfully unfamiliar.

Sassy Caddy Feature

Emily Haythorn is one of those women in my life who plowed the path as a woman entrepreneur. I was a student of hers, as she was so patient in teaching me the ins and outs of the tedious sport called “GOLF”. Turns out golf is not a hidden talent I discovered I had, but building relationships was! Emily and I “hit” it off and quickly became friends.

So when she approached me with the opportunity to help her launch her brand Sassy Caddy, I was beyond excited! We started with a logo sketch on a napkin and over the past ten years have made Emily’s dream a worldwide brand!

Community Magazine

Since September 2019, I have had to opportunity to meet many families in my local community by partnering with a local magazine, Life in Ptarmigan, Hills & Meadows. Not only am I a business partner, but I also take the cover photos and the inside family feature photos for each issue. The first cover that was released of the Mitchell family actually won best cover in the nation (out of 900 covers) from the publishing company N2 Publishing! This was a HUGE win! Plus, I get to walk each family through my boutique process and connect with them in a way that serves them at a high level.