Glow Getters™


Oh, Hey Glow Getters!


From top to bottom, left to right: TOP ROW: Chianne Coffman (Founder), Ava, Gabby, Lillian, Amiyah, Rachel (Co-Founder), MIDDLE ROW: Marolyne, Hailey, Anniston, Emery, Maya, Karina, Ariana, Brynn, Hope, Lily, BOTTOM ROW: Kennedy, Delany, Kira, Bailey, Brooklyn, Olivia, Tinsley, Zaeda and Emma.

We will be ramping up to host our third annual Glow Getters™ event happening in 2023!

But we wanted to share a special shout out to all those who made last year extra special!

With the help of my mom, husband, our very own Rachel and our incredible intern Kelani from Windsor Charter Academy we set up for the event! Our space was made possible thanks to Christin Randal, owner of Just for Kix in Windsor, CO who graciously donated the space.

Of course, this event is not possible without our sponsors. Coast to Coast Styles donated clothing to use during our photoshoot prior to the event and the girls LOVED playing dress up. Green Goo filled the girls’ swag bags with all-natural salves, sanitizers and sunscreen… seriously, this product line brings healing! TKS Cakes went above and beyond, donating a custom, hand-drawn personalized cakesicle to each young lady. We again had the privilege to have Ian and Kadri Bennett of Lifted Online at our event to donate their photography talents, capturing all of the details throughout the day! With our aligned visions of empowering young ladies, W.O.W. (Women Optimizing Women) donated funds for all of the supplies needed for each girl to create her own vision board. And last, 1st Bank of Windsor jumped onboard with their support for the second year in a row! Thank you all so much!

This is not your typical tween experience, in fact, it is the only of it’s kind that combines the power of photography, design, vision boarding and mentorship for girls ages 9-14. Glow Getters™ has proven to be an experience where girls come together as strangers and leave as friends. Because of our business sponsorships, we are able to host each girl free of charge. We do however suggest a charitable donation on your child’s behalf to Saruni International so we can empower other young girls in Kenya. You can show your support for Saruni International today by clicking here!

Together, we will empower, inspire and connect each girl to new friendships.

Glow Getters™ will take place again in 2023. Must be a registered Glow Getter™ to attend. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter for details. Spots will fill up fast as we already have a waiting list for 2023.

Pictured above are our Glow Getters™ from our first ever event in 2021!

All About Glow Getters™

Each experience starts with a phone call to a parent/guardian. Part of maximizing your daughter’s experience is letting you in on all the details we have planned for her. Not only does your daughter get to attend the Glow Getters™ event, but she will also get to come into Chy Creative for a mini empowering photo session. She won’t be alone, we like to invite several girls to come in at once so they can start to get to know one another prior to the event itself.

Makenna Sierra has dreamed of owning her own bakery since she was a little girl. Visualized dreams are powerful.

Photography is a powerful tool that Chianne is passionate about creating. As a graphic designer and photographer, Chianne takes the photos of your daughter and turns them into treasured artwork pieces. Our most popular art pieces that parent’s invested in last year were our hand-drawn “I Can” illustrated portrait pieces. Each piece is commissioned ahead of time by the parents due to the complexity of creation behind it. What can be more powerful than a commissioned art piece that reiterates back to your daughter every day that her dreams can happen for her?

“I loved diving into each of the girls’ dreams. We had ambitions that spanned from neonatal surgeon to a shape-shifter who could turn into a dragon. Illustrating a girl into her dream or superpower was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my career.” – Chianne Coffman

Studies show that when a child sees themselves displayed on the walls of their home it gives them a sense of belonging, security and confidence. Artwork is a personal message displayed to her each day that says back to her, “I Can!”

Everything we do is custom. This is a powerful and classic art piece created for our dancer, Tinsley. This is a 26″ archival-framed piece with an Italian Roma frame and museum-grade glass. This empowering artwork will forever be preserved to document this short time in her young career. Mark my words, she will hang this in her own studio space one day!

The Event

Several of these works of art will be displayed at the Glow Getters™ event, which in and of itself is something to not be missed. Thanks to the help of our sponsors from within Iin our community we are able to provide the event space, lite snacks, refreshments, guest speakers and all the materials needed for each Glow Getter to create her own vision board to take home. The event really is full of swag and surprises customized to each unique personality.

There is a lot of careful thought that goes into each one of our Glow Getters™ experiences. Each item in their swag bags including their initial vision boarding materials are catered to their interests specifically. We encourage the girls to talk about what they find in their bags as a way of introducing themselves to new friends.

Glow Getters™ Core Values

Chy Creative has developed Glow Getters™ to be a safe place for young girls to find empowerment within their own strengths, while having the opportunity to expand their friend network.

The overall messaging can be encompassed in a snapshot of our core values (pictured to the right).

Our 2022 Sponsors


FirstBank, Windsor


Brenda Hein

Introducing Our 2022 Guest Speakers

Lindsey Mullins

Lindsey Mullins is a counselor and play therapist at Hope for the Journey in Loveland, a 2nd degree black belt, and a hard-core momma. She is a Colorado native who loves the mountains, the sunshine, and the privilege to work with children, teens, and women who are struggling with dark seasons of their lives. She believes that healing, creativity, beauty, and strength are at the core of every child (and every child that grows up). Through her work, Lindsey strives to encourage children and teens to take on life’s challenges by focusing on their strengths, developing a strong identity, strengthening relationships, and envisioning a future centered in courage and hope.

Dr. Nicole Fleming

Dr Nicole Fleming, Nicole Fleming, Psy.D., L.P., A.B.P.P. Licensed and Certified Board Psychologist at Stress Management Family Counseling Center. Returning again this year, Nicole is so incredibly excited to be a part of this event again!

Chianne Coffman

Mrs. Chianne Coffman will be joining our team of guest speakers to share her personal story of how she became the strong, passionate, driven woman and business owner she is today!

Our 2021 Guest Speakers

Chianne takes great care in sourcing guest speakers in our community who lead by example and inspire by taking action. In 2021, we were fortunate to welcome two amazing local women guest speakers and for 2022 we have a powerful line-up as well.

Kathy Arias, iHeart Radio President of Marketing

Chianne Coffman, owner at Chy Creative with Kathy Arias, President of Marketing at iHeart Radio.

Making the trip down from iHeart Radio was President of Marketing, Kathy Arias. She came with a powerful testimony to the power of working hard in an industry otherwise unfamiliar to women executives. Yet, Kathy knew she was made to “do more” and she had a dream that as a young girl she would write it down and as a woman she would live it.

Dr. Nicole Fleming, Psychologist

Dr. Nicole Fleming patched in through zoom, but she had a tangible surprise for each girl.

Our second guest, Dr. Nicole Fleming, Licensed and Board Certified Psychologist at Stress Management Family Counseling Center. Her message came with a sweet surprise as she talked about a story from her own childhood. The take-away was, “If it is something you want in life, you will fight to make it yours”. In Dr. Flemings case, that “thing” was candy at the end of an ice pond, but for each Glow Getter that candy was found taped to the underside of their seats. Something to remember, for sure.


When my mom first told me she signed me up for a tween empowerment event I was nervous and didn’t want to do it. However, when I met Chianne and Rachel at my photoshoot I changed my mind. They were so sweet and accepting. It was all so much fun! I got to meet some other girls and really embrace my “inner diva”. At the actual event, I met so many great people. I even met a few new friends that I still have today. When I saw what Chianne had created for me I was blown away. The artwork was so pretty and cool. I actually got to envision myself in the operating room!”

Amiyah, 2021 Glow Getter™ and future neonatal surgeon, age 14
The world’s future neonatal surgeon is on her way stat!

Girls Supporting Girls Worldwide

We were able to give $1,000 to Saruni International all because our girls supported their sisters living on the other side of the world! Way to go Glow Getters™.

This year we are excited to give back to a charity dear to the heart of Chianne Coffman, owner of Chy Creative. Saruni International is a Girls Rescue Center in Kenya, Africa that has been the safe haven for over 125 young ladies ages 7-16 who fled their home to avoid early arranged marriage and a life of poverty. In 2017, Chianne had the honor of traveling to Kenya (see the full story here) with founders, Mark and Tina Hagen of Greeley, Colorado, who have made Saruni International their life’s work. If you feel inspired to join our efforts in paying it forward, you can give directly to their website here or click the “Give” button immediately after enrollment.

How cool that our girls here at home can be a part of empowering girls half way across the world (their own age) by helping to provide them with a safe home, healthy meals and the highest level of education.