Chianne Coffman, owner of Chy Creative

Chianne Coffman, owner of Chy Creative

My name is Chianne, but my friends call me Chy… nice to meet you!

I worked as a graphic designer at WhiteWave Foods for about 4 years, then I got the itch to try it out on my own. So I started the planning process to exit corporate and venture out with “Chy Design”. Once my husband and I had our son in 2009, I really got “professional” about photography so I could capture moments in my boy’s life. My love for being behind the camera exploded and so did my awesome client list– so I evolved over the last 10 years and became Chy Creative!

I really am in love with everything creative. I love to design (on the computer and in the home), I love portrait photography, traveling, bright colors, coffee, WRITING, going to church on Sundays and happy hour on any day, hanging out with my girlfriends, lovin’ up on my little family and… what else is there really?!?!

Feel free to Contact me directly with any questions. I am well-known at all local coffee shops, so I’ll look forward to meeting you there (wink)!

Have a great week!