Excited for 2020!

Bubbles in your mouths… I have something to say… THANK YOU!!!

2019 was just simply amazing! I had the opportunity to meet many new families in the Windsor, Colorado area! I partnered with a local magazine, Life in Ptarmigan, Hills and Meadows, as the feature photographer… and won BEST COVER IN THE NATION for my debut September cover! That’s right, out of 900 covers across the nation, Windsor, CO made the #1 spot! Wow! I also gained 2 spots on Denver 7 News, as I stood beside my long time client Emily Haythorn, owner of Sassy Caddy, as her graphic designer. And then I was featured again as owner of Chy Creative. And this was when I got to talk all about my passion which marries design and photography. Watch the feature here.

December issue of Life in Ptarmigan, Hills and Meadows

I had the chance to talk about WHY I am so passionate about putting artwork in the homes of my clients. My amazing clients, who took me to Steamboat this last year, totally gushed over their final pieces. From their fun Silly Faces series of each child to the large 48″ black and white canvas for their bedroom, almost every room in their home had a showstopper piece. As promised, these pieces are now the most treasured artwork in their home!

When the end of the year came and I had a moment to reflect on the growth of my business and of myself, an overwhelming sense of gratitude filled my heart. Chy Creative gave over $4,500 to local charities, over $650 was raised for Sierra’s Race Against Meningitis and I was able to help teach hundreds of other photographers more about their brand development in their growing businesses. As a thank you at the end of 2019, each of my clients received a personalized Christmas ornament, bottle of HOPE champagne and one of my personal family Christmas cards. Why? Because as a boutique photographer, I CAN!

Moving into 2020 only makes me excited! I have BIG plans that allows me to give back to teenage girls in our community, help local charities and join in future community events! As my clients rave, “professional, high-end photography by Chy Creative is truly worth every penny!” And for all of that, I thank YOU!

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Chy Creative is different than any other photography business around, because I specialize in creating large custom artwork for my clients. This is not just a photo session, but a full boutique experience that keeps my clients smiling every time they see their art piece!

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